the day after jan172009_Ratanak Conference

“I choose to make it personal.  I choose her to be important to me.”

“If I look at the mass, I will never act.  If I look at one.  I will.” – Mother Teresa

The day after jan172009, my heart wasn’t beating the way it used to be.  I was brought forth the collision of two extremeties – a world so full of disgusted sin and death, and our God who is so holy and righteous and just.   When these two extremeties were brought together, I was broken down to tears.  The prayers I lifted up after listening to all the horrific stories and disgusted satanic acts which are being done on these young girls now sound very superficial because words will not be enough to express the damage of the collision that was happening inside  right now. 

I was overwhelmed not only by the stories, but by experiencing the omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresent of our Saviour  who invited me to see, to look, to taste, to listen, to ache, to yearn, to touch, to absorb, to digest, to consume.  Right now, the day after jan172009, I am praying and asking the Holy Spirit to groan for me when I offer no words,  to weep with me when I have no tears.  I am praying that what is now in my mind is not out of my own fear and insecurity but are out of my fear of my Lord, my Saviour, out of my faith and obedience in Christ Jesus, out of the same compassion that once moved Jesus when he saw the crowd.  The moving of Jesus’ heart was immediately followed by His action.  

Brian McConaghy said it with such conviction at the conference and I now quote, “Only when we are adapted to the dark, we could appreciate how brilliant of His light.”


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