3 days after jan172009

It is not about our emotions.  It is all about our obedience!

I keep telling myself this very line over and over again.  I keep walking onto the same Bay Street on my way to work.  I keep motioning myself to focus on my piles in front of me.  I mixed up a client’s name with Cambodia.  It’s quite laughable, yet I take it as a reminder thatthe word, Cambodia, will never leave my mind.  I have to act while I am still overwhelmed!

I will start counting the next 7 days as something critical.  I signed up to be the prayer partner for Ratanak and IJM, to be associated with the community, to be informed and educated, to avoid being ignorant, but to pray specifically for them, and if necessary, ACT!

act – move – walk – journey – travel – experience 

be vulnerable – be broken – be rewarded with :

the Joy of participating in God’s kingdom.


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