the 5th day

The 5th day.  After last night conversing what is burning in my heart with Bonnie, going through the interviews together, sharing with each other what God has been telling us, most of all, we got to pray with each other, for each other, for the Cambodian people, for the workers.  We experienced the immensity of a need to pray.  It is a spiritual battle!

It reminds me how far I once was when my life was gripped with satan’s hand-prints, but Father God, He redeemed me.  He claimed me back.  He adopted me into His family.

This morning I silently sat on the GO train, I didn’t read but starred at outside, letting the scenary carries my mind away.  I was not thinking of myself.  I was thinking of what we prayed last night.  I went to bed with this ache and woke up with the same ache.  My heart aches again.  All that I do – I have to re-consider.  My action.  My response.  My reaction.  All these are chained and connected to what we prayed last night.  My heart is gripped into a twisted flesh when I sit on my couch comfortably.  My posture does not do the justice.  I want to pray with the right posture.


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