My heart is still ignited by tons of inflammables which lead my thoughts to this country of Cambodia.  My heart is totally moved to a different drum beat when I think of Sung and those kids in the videos.  When I literally experience God’s moving hands turning my eyes to look at them, feeling their breath under my nose.  There is not a time when I hold close to Heather, I would not think of those girls.  Heather is protected, loved, swarmed around with people who love her. Yet all these girls who are now frightened, threatened, beaten, molested, invaded, used, insulted, disposed, manipulated by the evil-doers and sick-minded people.  

I have a responsibility to turn “something seem true” to “something real” in my brutually comfortable life.  It has nothing to do with being “missional” or “to be the church for those people”, but to see what God sees and exercise my faith with action.  Why we are immunely protected and all I care about is to find the matching curtains to go with my cabinet – what an insult and what a joke?   Now the damage is done, I should not allow it to go further.


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