… a dislocated heart …

“Nehemiah had a God given concern that propelled him out of his comfort zone.  He had a passionate concern for God’s people and God’s agenda that superseded his own personal comfort and properity.  He concerned about things elsewhere when circumstances didn’t dictate that he had to.  The Lord is looking for people who are willing to live on the edge.  People who will let God breathe into their dreams that can change the world. People who so long to see God’s agenda fulfilled in this fallen world that they attempt what seem impossible, ridiculous and “out of the box” for God’s glory.

Every great moment of God and every project about relief of human needs and fulfillment of God’s will has started with one man and one woman who cared deeply enough to hear God’s voice and stepped out to do something. It started with a dislocated heart.  He understand he couldn’t change everything but he was convinced he had to change something.  He shared God’s concerns and be caught up into God’s purposes.”

Good News about Injustice, Gary Haugen


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