…only one day at a time…

A day full of promises, full of immediate responses and comfort.  The joy of knowing God is to breath His wisdom into my 2 wings of lung.  I determine to live one day at a time.  Only if I have one day being filled with His lesson, His comfort.  I am so telling the world.  I try to imagine my life in Cambodia amongst the people during the Khmer Rouge era.  All they were focusing is preparing themselves for eternity.  No distraction.  Talking about eternity is straight-forward and undiluted.  

In the era of mine, I want to have this attitude to treat my every day the way the Christian Cambodians did 30 years ago.  To prepare myself and people around me for eternity in a straight-forward, undiluted with a non-water-down way.  

I lift up today to God to fill me up with His love, His comfort, His words and His truth!


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