Chany Li, 27 years old

… from Paul’s heart …

“Gracious God.  Thank you for the opportunity for this time that I can pray with my wife here at chapters for the suffering and broken women in Cambodia.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of this venture and teaching me through this discipline of prayers.  Thank you also for giving us this venue to participate even though our action may seem distant from the country.  Yet, we are certain that our petition to you in fact is powerful as you demonstrated to us through the incident at Tim Hortons the other night.  I pray that we don’t limit your power, we don’t limit your majesty and we don’t limit the work we do now, however, it seems small right now.

Looking at the picture of chany gave us a little shock because by no means she looks like a 27 but someone who is actually in her 50s.  the experience she had must have aged her; her current career doesn’t help either.  The baby she is holding, born out of a crime, remains with her and I pray that you will take care of this family.  I pray that she and the child would experience your redemption, not only from her physical pain, but also one of spiritual.  I pray also that you would bring her comfort and help by means of those who are working in the field for you.  May chany experience the real love that is possibly unknown to her.  Maye she find rest in you even though she may not know who you are at this time.  I pray that she will come to know you personally.  I pray that she will accept you as her personal saviour, her father, her shelter, her rescue, her protection, her hiding place.  Please reveal yourself to her through your mighty power.  May you reign in this country, mark this country with your children as your own.  May chany come to know you through your work in other women there.  While she doesn’t know me/us right now,  I pray that the power of your Spirit may somehow comfort her and tell her that she isn’t alone, that her life actually is affecting two christians who are learning about You through her life, that her life actually means a lot more than she thought; that her life is bigger and more precious than she realises.  May you comfort her now.  Bring a joy that isn’t from this world to her and to her child.  Thank you God for listening to my prayer here.  Thank you for answering our prayers.  Thank you for being who you are.  May your name be glorified and be magnified esp. in Cambodia.  Praise be to you only.  In Jesus Christ name, I pray, Amen.”


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