Unnamed mother and child, The White Building, Phnom Penh

They do not have their names published here, yet that moves me even more so to pray for them.

The mother and the child are not named here on this “TRAFFIK” book, but that does not mean they do not exist, that they are not named in His book. My Father God created them.  He named them.  No names provided here does not equal to the fact that they can be ignored and brutually intruded without a voice on the face of the earth – NO and NO and NO!!!

She looks very distress. Her baby girl is about a year old.  She holds her child tight.  Her baby girl is naked, not even a piece of clothing is covering her.  (I wonder where is this White Building in Phnom Penh.  Another well-known brothel?)  My stomach and my heart are now churning with an ache colliding with each other – just breath, take a moment and breath!

Father God, you know where they are and what they are going through.  I am praying that our prayers here are reaching to your ears that you will protect them, release them from satan’s bondage, give them a new life – a life full of dignity.  

On the look of her face, she probably is still in the middle of the trauma and worries about how to protect and provide for her child.  Will she be protected from the claws of the brothel owners and pimps?  Will poverty lead to another tragedy in her family?  Will this mother be strong enough to protect her child? Will the baby girl be immuned from her mother’s path?  

Father God, all these questions I have no answer.  I have no way to locate where they are, except the record showed they are living in the White Building last January.  Are they still there?

At the back of my mind, a small voice comes out, “Father God, I hope one day we can see each other in heaven.”  

In Your Name, I pray.  Amen.


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