Ey Sok, 24 years old, Kandal Province

.. from Paul’s heart … 

“A prayer for Ey Sok, 24, from Kandal Province.  Dear gracious God, here we are, coming before You once again to pray for your children in Cambodia.  Thank you again for allowing us to do this and even giving us a very comfortable spot to do so – which is quite an irony as we offer up our prayers in such a nice environment, country, for someone whose condition is so different from us.  Ey was a only a month into being a sex worker, yet her face, while still showing such an innocent look by her biting of her thumb with the Mickey mouse t-shirt, was very skeptical to the lens (probably to the photographer).  Maybe she was wondering if this would be another ‘business’ or this would be an escape for her.  Her face also has this defence mechanism that appears to not only be protecting herself from being exposing herself to any vulnerable situation/damage, but also protecting her young daugher.  Gracious God, this is one of your dearest daughters in Cambodia and I know that You already know her situation and her cry.  May you reveal yourself to her so she may find comfort in You.  Rescue her from this situation.  Answer her cry of getting out of the brothel.  Take care of her daughter.  I can feel the loneliness coming from the picture (she was divorced from her husband, too) and wonder who is looking after her daughter right now.  God, may you bring justice for her, vindicate for her. 

If her eyes can see through the paper and realise how blessed Jessy and I are because of You, I know she would not doubt about you but trust in You.  May your love somehow be felt by her.  May your love be revealed to her through whatever circumstances.  Send your workers there.  Give her the hope that only you can give. 

It is indeed an ‘easy’ prayer for us to offer in Starbucks.  Yet, God, teach us to feel her pain and share her saddness, too.  Try to see what she sees.  Teach us to live out Micah 6:8 even in our world which is very different than that of Ey.  Like the prayer for Chany, I pray that we one day will meet and get to know each other, whether in heaven or on earth, and be called brother and sister.  Be with her and her daughter always.

Dear God, thank you for listening.  Thank you for hearing our prayers.  May your name be glorified.  May you reign in Cambodia.  We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.”


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