Kakada Heang, 4 years old

Her mother’s imprisoned for selling her sister to a brothel.  Looking at this girl’s face who has a birth mark on her left cheek, under her left eye.  This “T” book has two photographs of her with the same brief introduction.  \Kakada is a child without a mother who is now paying for her crime by selling K’s older sister to a brothel.  No family, probably highly at risk of being sold too.  An aftercare centre took her in.  

Father God, even though she is not physically traumatized, even though she herself is being protected from the horror her sister went through, she is suffering the aftermath of surviving without a family, without the luxury of being loved and care for by her biological mother.  

Father God, you are her perfect heavenly Father who created her, who marked her as your own. I pray that you envelope her with your people, to give her the love and care a 4 year old girl deserves.  An age who is now absorbing and trying to make sense of her world and her surroundings.  What will she be thinking when she is old enough to learn and to understand why her own mother is being incarcerated by her own crime.  A mother should be there available for her children, but not to give them away, or give them up to such an unspeakable crime.  

I pray for Kakaka Heang right now when her mother is released from prison, she will still be protected from the risk of being sold.  I pray for the salvation of her mother, the imprisonment will not lead her to a road of unreturned, but a courageous start of walking towards her Saviour King, knowing her sin can only be forgiven by the blood of Jesus, through Him, and by Him, that the imprisonment will not lead her to a bitter end to raise revenge but to truly ask for forgiveness from her own children.  That is the only way a family could survive, could move on with such a horrific past.  One who asks for forgiveness, and one who grants could allow themselves to be on their way to be saved, and to be freed from this satanic chain of guilt and depression, and be set free.

I lift up Kakada, her mother and her sister into your hand.  This family of three will be reconciled in your love.  They will come to Christ one day embracing and loving and going through trial this current life presents, yet they could still enjoy the sweetness only eternity could provide.  

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it to pray for this Heang’s family.  It truly reforms and renews my heart which now contains 3 more, 3 of your children.  I am asking for your mercy to bring them back into your arms.

Father God, please hear our prayers and our cries.  Please accept our prayers as our offering to you.  

In Your name, I pray.  Amen.


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