My mind starts to have an image of sitting in a roomful of strangers whom I have not met.  I know the reason why I will be there – it is all for God and for Cambodia.  Not for meeting new people, but for the sake of learning from them, of being inspired by their own journey and experience, of learning how to offer myself to His use, of learning to be humble before God and His servants who already committed themselves to be sent and out walking on the plain, journeying on and obeying with their actions.  

I have no idea what I could offer but an empty heart.  To absorb, to take in, to write things down, to be immersed and drenched, to be drawn into God’s presence, to be convicted once again, to be confirmed that is truly a calling from God, but not of any selfish ambition and vain desire.  I am emptying myself.  Father God, cleanse me and make me holy for You, for Your kingdom, for Your name’s sake.


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