21 year old, Angkor Ang Commune, Prey Veng

.. from Paul’s heart …

“A prayer for a 21 yr old lady from Angkor Ang Commune, Prey Veng Province.  Dear gracious God.  Thank you for once again allowing us to participate in this praying experience with you especially for those who are suffering in Cambodia.  While I may not have the same experience as that of Jessy’s, I thank you for her to inspire, encourage, teach me a lot about your mission.  Thank You!  It is my fifth time praying and I thank you for letting me take a picture of this 21 year old lady – as my memory does fades with time and I need to be reminded of their faces and continue to pray for everyone of them whom I already prayed for.  This Prey Veng lady, who was sold by her own relative (cousin), works in a karaoke bar.  Dear God, I’d like to ask that you will give her comfort in this kind of work environment.  While she is surrounded by a lot of music every night, I am sure that the sound of the music would not give her any joy but saddness.  I pray that you will rescue her from this work place but place her in her dream job – she wants to become a hairdresser.  Dear God, please grant her this wish, which is really not anything big esp. in the society where we are in; yet this is her aspiration.  Such aspiration probably signals her desire of how unsatisfied it is for her to work in that bar. 

While I am not sure if she is in the sex trade, I am certain that it is not any better than working in a brothel if not worse; and for sure there would be all kinds of evil doers present in this place and take advantage of her.  I see that she has a wedding ring and think that she might have her own family.  I offer my prayers for her husband too that he will be able to provide her needs and care.  From her eyes, I can see that she is very smart and intelligent.  Use her as your instrument to achieve mighty things in this country.  Give her the wisdom that she will need to sustain herself and her family.  Give her support and friendship that aren’t like those she sees from the karaoke bar.  May she experience the sacrificial love that you’ve offered to your people.  I pray that she will also accept Jesus Christ as her own personal Saviour.  Pray for her family, her parents.  Pray that the whole family will come to know and return to you, the only one true God.

Dear God, thank you for this opportunity again.  Thank you for hearing our prayers.  Thank you for taking care of this lady.  Be with her God, always.  In your son Jesus Christ’s name I pray, Amen.”


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