Jumping for JOY!

I was invited to join the Ratanak core meeting this past Saturday and was able to meet up with 12 others whose hearts are aching as much as mine does for Cambodia and its people and esp for the atrocities the Cambodian children are facing right now.  All of them are from different churches across GTA and are all active advocates whose lives I witness as a reflection of what Jesus commands us to do.  They involve in all sort of things to raise awareness and from whom I learnt a lot.

The night before the meeting I was praying with Paul that I would choose to be the listener and tried not to jump into anything yet and it did “sound safer” to stay in silence and listen.  However it is exactly this “safer” mentality that God was turning it upside down and reminding me that the task He has called me to be involving with will never be safe, convenient and comfortable.  God is really all powerful and all knowing!!  Right off the bet, Lisa already “put me on the spot” inviting me to share my journey about Cambodia.  By listening to myself I found myself so tiny as I am truly a newbie there.  I have not known one Cambodian in my life, never been to the country, never known much details of the Pol Pot regime genocide until 2 months ago.  Newbie I truly am, I was a bit under prepared yet God washed my mind blank and I took a deep breath and I started to share it away.  Once it was over, the others kept referring to what I had just shared with their own stories and journey, immediately I felt like I am already a part of them, my calling is one of their callings, the voice I listened for the past 2 months is the same voice they listened to too.  For that I can only give all the glory and praises to my Father God.  I felt very at ease (seeing myself as a mini introvert) amongst them and knew this will be a place I could seek and offer encouragement on fighting the battle for the girls who are now living in extreme agony right now.  God was tugging my heart the entire three hours I was there.  I was hesitated to offer my two cents when they asked for suggestions and feedback, yet at the end of the meeting when Lisa (the Toronto representative of Ratanak) was asking for volunteers of setting up and maintaining the first Ratanak Facebook site.  A girl immediately initiated herself, myself and another girl to be the point person to go to.  For the past few days, we were trying to put as much information as possible to the site to feed people’s hunger and interest of knowing and learning more.The following verse immediately rushed into my mind that Saturday morning and through which I experienced the power of God who speaks and who intervenes.”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, those who seek find; and to those who knock, the door will be opened.”  – Matthew 7:7-8



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