Kim Sung Ouch, 22 years old, & her daughter, Takeo Province

Kim Sung and her daughter are watching TV.  Someone took advantage of Kim’s family situation and also took advantage of her body. The daughter, who is probably 4 years old, was the result of an unspeakable crime Kim Sung had been suffering since she was 5.  

Father God, we come here again, with another girl you introduced us to meet from this photography book.  Another two faces we now take in our hearts, please let them impressed onto our minds when we lift up this nation again before Your throne.

Kim Sung is not another number of statistics.  She is Your child, her daughter is Your child.  Both of them cuddled with one another watching a TV program which I doubt is anything related to You.  I pray that whatever they are facing right now, Your work will be done.  I pray that she will be protected in this aftercare centre and will learn a trade to support her family.   Most of all, Your gospel and Your love will be knocking at their door, at their hearts, just like what you did to me with “rend the heavens and come down”. 

Hide Matthew 7:7-8 in their hearts.  Bring missionary, like KB, to them.  Only Your gospel could change people’s heart. Only Your redemptive act and love could bring people out of their miry clay and walk into Your path of light.

I pray that what they will see, hear and experience will be full of Your message, protect them from further harm.  I pray that whenever Kim Sung looks at her daughter, she won’t fuel with hatred but to clothe her with her motherly love a child needs most and deserve.  

I pray for her daughter that one day she will understand what her mother had experienced needs Your grace and mercy as much as possible.  I pray that she will be a woman of strong, a woman who stands strong on her own two feet with your divine guidance, that she will have You as her heavenly Father.  Father God, you are her Father, her God, her Saviour, her King, her Protecter, her Shield, her Redeemer, her Comfort, her Fortress.  

In your name, I pray.  Amen.


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