aching … & … rejoicing

I am reading the most recent entry of KF’s blog about the girls she is now ministering to.  The question in my mind is “how come?  why?”  It just dawns on me that the excitement God puts in my heart and the enthusiasm God boils in here are meant to reach to “my girls” (yes they are mine in so many unexplainable ways that my life is closely connected with theirs).  Mine are meant to bring them this very same excitement and enthusiasm when they found Jesus in their lives.  

I thought of Kim Sung and the other girls again.  They all have a similar story and the same sadness on their faces.  My joy and excitement are meant for them, are to be used as my drive for them, are not meant to be contained in my church, in prayer meetings, or chats in Panera.  All of my joys are meant to drive my life to help and to serve them.  

A mix of joy and sadness is churning within again!  Father God, I know you are speaking again.  I am listening now, please speak!


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