… how come … why?

I am reading one who wrote, “when God reveals such levels of evil and brokeness in our world to us, it is a call to pray and seek His face.  It is a treasure that He has deposited in us because He wants to show us what grieves His heart and to challenge us to respond.”

She is right – I don’t want my heart to grow numb and cold.  I don’t want to ignore them.  I don’t want to bypass them.  I don’t want to skip through the lines of their stories.  It is never easy to listen closely with all the gruesome details describing what their bodies are telling me.  It drives me to pray longer, to re-adjust my posture as the follower of Jesus, to slap on my face and question myself “what am I doing here staying numb and unmoved?  Get off the couch, and do something.  Speak to someone, anyone about this!  Do something!  Shout if it is needed.”  

My heart is sinking once again, yet I know what I need to do tonight.  I have to read His words.  Any action without rooting myself into His words is a danger.  Emotionally I am utterly drained, I need His words.  I need to systemmactically pray for the country, for our actions.  

What is that to you?  You must follow me!” – John 21:22


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