Sreysor Lem, 25 years old

Father God, once again, another child of yours who was raped and impregnanted by her rapist after working as a sex trade worker for 6 months.  After giving birth, she continued to return to the sex trade industry.  Now she is in AFESIP aftercare centre learning how to sew.

Father God, that brings my mind to think of Sung, who also got impregnanted by one of her clients.  How so many out there are suffering, facing physical pain, and facing the consequence of bringing up a child who was born out of crime, out of her misery experience. 

I lift up this young girl, Sreysor Lem into your hands.  I pray for exactly the same thing I prayed for all the other girls.  For their redemption, for their healing, for their wounds to be healed, for their release from physical and emotional pain.  It brings me to think of the girls in the movie “Fields of Mudan” – I still do not dare to watch the movie yet. 

Father God, I pray that no one would forget about their stories, their names, their existence.  I just realized that even I have just read their stories, I still would not be able to hold her face and her story for too long.  Memory does fade.  I am already forgetting some of them when I am already deliberately coming here for their sake’s.  How are others supposed to remember and to hold them tightly in their hearts when we are facing millions and millions of them?  One consolation is I know my Father God remembers each one of them, his reckless raging furious love for each of them is FIERCE!!  Nothing can compare to His furious love for each of them.  What I am doing here – not even making a dent?  Yet I receive so much more than I offer and sacrifice. 

I pray for Sreysor Lem that she will not fall back to the sex trade the 3rd time and to come to believe that sewing can also bring her income to support family.  Not the skill of pleasing her clients sexually but the gift of being a resilent survivor.  I pray that one day your love, your redemptive act would embolden her whole being and she truly understand and realize her true value in Your eyes, that her child will not walk on the same path as she did, but to have a good role model to follow and to look up to. 

As a mother, that is all I could think of when Heather sees me as her mother, what image I am portraying for her to follow and to imitate.  I pray for Sreysor’s child too for her young heart to be mold, to be moved, to be filled by Your love, Your grace and mercy, that her mother’s past will not leash her back to the demeaning industry, which does not treat women as Your creation but commodities and disposable cloth. 

As of today, we have come to learn and get to know 15 girls, each one of them is precious in Your eyes.  You witness all the tortures they endured, past and present  Father God, I pray that their futures, esp. Sreysor Lem’s future, in which You are their light and beacon, guiding them back to Your arms, to a place of beauty. 

In Your name. I pray.  Amen.


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