Ny Srey, 15 years old

Her father and brother raped her when she was 12 years old.  She then moved to Phnom Penh.  She was beaten, starved, burned with gasoline, locked in chicken coop for 2 years by her sister.  She was rescued in March 2006 and now she is at school learning how to sew.

Father God, you bring us here this Wednesday and present us with Ny Srey’s story.  Coming here this week takes on a different meaning now.  You have shown me a girl’s story which is so much different from the previous ones.  She was raped by her dad and brother (I am speechless).  Though she doesnt’ work in a brothel like the others.  Though she wasn’t being sold to work as prostitute like the others.  Her experience of facing violence is no less than those who are in brothels.  She is a slave of her own.   She is still traped in the chicken coop of her own guilt and shame. 

It has been 3 years since the abuse, the wound on her arms and face may have been healed, her frightened face tells of the opposite.  She is not healed.  The way she looked at the photographer shows she is terrified by standing before a stranger.  

Father God, I ask that Your love would find way to reach to her, Your healing hands would touch each of her wounds, that her spirit will be lifted up, along with your resurrection when You died for  her thousand years ago, that Your blood is the only thing that could cleanse her, redeem her, restore her, give her hope, give her security and safety, give her comfort, allow her to experience a life of hope and love, a life rid of fear, beating and torturing, that she is free at last both physically and emotionally. 

Father God, I pray that you will replace all of her fear with Your love, so that one day she will be a blessing to others who also had gone through abuses and violence.

I also pray that all the girls whom we had so far named in the past few months, that they are not forgotten.  Every single face is still in our hearts.  Their names are not only written in my journal or in Paul’s notebook.  Their names are in Your book.  You remember and know every single one of them.  I pray what we had so far prayed for, you are answering them all.  Your answers are now being revealed in their lives, that they would come to you, get to know you, call upon your name.  You would repay those years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), return those wasted years and lost times. 

Father God, while we are praying for our work in Cambodia.  We are opened to all roads you have shown to us.  We will walk when you ask us to.  Every week you reveal a little more and more.  I pray that we are able to listen well and obey with our actions. 

Not just an eager listener of Your words but an eager doer of Your words to carry out Your will in our lives.

In your name. I pray. Amen.


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