Long Gok, 20 years old

Me being sick should not stop me from coming here.  Thought of skipping this week because of a prior arranged lunch with Lisa.  I know God is calling me to come here again by myself to keep doing what we started out to do.  Another name is added to my list.  Her name is Long Gok, who was gang-raped by a bunch of men (who knows how many?) and was impregnanted by one of them.

Gracious God, you are still our God whom we pray to, the same God whom we lift their names in our cries.  I assume by now Long’s child has already been born.  A new member is being added to this family of 5, whose resemblance tells of a story.  If the little baby is not sharing the same resemblance, will it bring back the horrific memory of being gang-raped?  Though she is not the typical case of being bought and sold to brothel, she is definitely a slave of her own past and demonic act which was being done forcefully onto her body without her permission.  She was being invaded and intruded and now the crime even takes its place and strives in her body? 

Father God, I do not have an answer.  I do not have a thorough research or study to grasp all these intricated relationship and dynamic of human relations.  With my simple faith, I know You know it all.  Your thoughts are far beyond ours that we will never be able to fathom, to claim our own.  When we are in doubt, you test our faith, your test our trust in You.  I pray that you grant peace to her family including her parents, her siblings who are still very young. 

Her parents – I am sure they went through the Pol Pot regime era and came out with scars and burnt marks on their souls and bodies with loads of angers and uncertainties in their heads.  They are not doing well either by looking at their living conditions, how they dressed, their facial expressions, their eyes starring out to this camera and the photographer.

Father God, only You could answer their doubts and take away the bitterness.  Give them your peace and Your hope.  It has only been a week after our Good Friday service.  The reminder of how You died for us on the rugged cross, Your love so wide, so deep and so high, that none of their bitterness and sadness would overwhelm the power of Your love that dripped from the cross.  Her story overwhelms me, but it never overwhelm Your love. 

I pray that the power of Your resurrection reigns in this family, reign high and low, left and right, and clothe them with the garment of forgiveness and treat the new born child with love and with dignity, wtihout abuse and anger.  Break the chain of ungrace, unchain the ungrace.  Grace starts with forgiveness, it also ends with forgiveness. 

Only by Your grace, we are redeemed.  We are given this great gift of new life, new identity in Your family, that one day we will be called home, safe and sound, merry and joyous.  (How I long for that day to come?)

Father God, I also pray for my girl, Heather, who is now at home battling and fighting wtih pneumonia since Sunday night.  Father God, I pray for her recovery.  I pray that she wil come out of it unscathed, I pray that this is not our first defeated spiritual battle because our minds and eyes are set on you for Cambodia.  I recall what Lisa warned me before, the attack from satan wasn’t only directed to myself alone, but also to my family.  Once I went offguard, they will be vulnerable too.  Father God, I ask for your protection, for your mercy flowing down to my Heather, for your peace healing her little body, taking away the fluid from her lungs, cleaning all the phylem and coughs, take away her fever, and any discomfort associated with the fever. 

Father God, if this is one spiritual battle we have to fight against.  I ask for your armour to be abrast on our chests and arms and legs, and stop satan’s attack on our physical bodies and spiritual minds.  That we have hope in You, that we trust You in all circumstances!

In Your name.  I pray. Amen.


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