… 5K reflection …

My 5K run this past Saturday was a BLAST!!!!  I didnt realize how much I love running and how much I could enjoy God’s creation that close when you are out and about feeling the wind brushing across my arms, the sweat streaming on my back, the sun trying its best to block my visage ability, the children who ran next to me huffing and puffing with their dear parents pretending to run alongside with them (actually they were hopping along), the people who were cheering and clapping to give you encouragement.  However all of the above come down to nothing because …
It’s just a 5K, yet it was the best 30 minutes of all time to focus on God and the purpose of why I decided to run.  I pulled the muscle on my left leg right at the beginning of the race, and it hurt so bad.  After 10 minutes of excruciating pain, I realized even though I was limping along, I got to re-orient my mind to think of how so many children are suffering while I was “having fun” with the rest of 1161 particpants, my pain was really nothing when comparing with theirs.  The girls’ faces were flashing across my mind when I ran past all these rich people’s houses in this super-posh residential area.  I didn’t feel comfortable when people were cheering for me because all I could think of were the girls’ twisted faces and bodies when they were being abused.  The pain was escalated with every stride I took.  Yet every painful stride reminded me all the girls’ names – Sung, Sang, the 3 boys whose mother was killed and left outside in the rain, and all the girls’ faces I have surveyed closely for the past 4 months.  Every stride I took, I mouthed their names on my lips.  The girls’ inflicting pain on their little bodies were finding its way to remind me the purpose of my running was not for the sake of having fun in running and exercising but a purpose God has planted in my heart to raise people’s awareness through this hobby of mine.   
I read the following from a friend’s blog and I quote :
In John 6:28-29 : “What must we do to do the works God requires?  The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent” : we are just like these people, asking God what should we do because we want to perform the type of miracles that He does. And yet, Jesus’s answer is simple ‘believe in the one He (God) has sent.’ Believing comes before doing. From believing flows all our actions, all our doing. What we believe determines how we respond. We cannot win any battles if we do not believe they can be won. God’s message to us is first ‘believe’ and when you believe, the Lord indeed begins to work out that ‘doing’ in us in ways immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

If I believe in the One God has sent, then no challenge, no trial, no conflict, no darkness, no evil, no pain, no suffering, no struggle cannot be overcome. If I believe in the One God has sent, then my life ought to reflect the attributes of God—His love, His kindness, His compassion, His tenderness, His righteousness, His justice. If I believe in the One God has sent, then my heart can be transformed to reflect the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. If I believe in the One God has sent, then my choices ought to reflect His choices. If I believe in the One God has sent, then the things on His heart, ought to be the things on my heart. That which breaks His heart, should break my heart, that which grieves His spirit, should grieve my spirit, that which He says is true, I ought to be believe is true. If I believe in the One God has sent, then my entire being on this earth is to reflect His glory.


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