Leabdyna Horn, 8 months old

A baby is sleeping under the mosquito net.  His arms are widely opened.  His lips is forming a tiny circle.  He is in a very deep sleep on his blue bedsheet.  He was born 8 months ago.  He was conceived 9 months before that from a horrific crime.  His mother was raped.  9 months later.  Leabdyna Horn was born. 

I am starting to wonder how many children are actually conceived and born out of love, but not out of a crime.  How much sorrow his mother had harboured ever since she found out she was pregnant?

Father God, my mind could go and on to think up any possible scenarios of the mother’s life right now.  I decide to lift the mother and Leabdyna up instead in my prayer with any possible words I could mouth here especially for this baby boy who was sleeping in his dreams.  What does his future hold?  Who will he become?  Nothing is in my mind but to pray that he will be a man after God’s heart, a man even with all the terrible pasts, he will become a godly man.  Father God, reveal to him what You want him to accomplish, show him how to love his mother, how to love his future wife and family, teach him how to become a responsible man who makes wise choices. 

A young boy in Cambodia is so easily falling into the trap of satan.  A young boy is so easily being tricked to become a pimp even starting at a very young age, like the red-hair boy, named How.  A young boy is so easily being trafficked too into the hands of the brothel owners, being sold to the evil-doers who indulge in torturing young boys.

It reminds me a story I heard recently that 3 young boys whose mother was robbed and murdered and left in the rain to die.  The 3 boys are now orphans.  What do their future hold? 

I am looking closely to Leabdyna’s young face.  Father God, please have more grace and mercy to be bestowed onto him.  Set him apart for Your kingdom.  Now the name of “Toby” comes up.  A marvelous miracle whichI have the priviledge to witness.  Then another 12 month old girl, named “Ratanak”, comes in my mind.  Father God, I am holding these little faces in the most deepest nook in my heart.  All I can see is that they are your precious children whom You love dearly and also whom you weep for daily.  I put Leabdyna at the feet of Your throne that he will have his own journey to follow You, to be released from satan’s grip, to be drenched in your unconditional love.  Father God, crown him with a crown of beauty, that he will stand tall as mighty oaks, that he will reflect your love and splendor and righteousness through his life. 

Isaiah 61 comes in my mind again.  Isaiah 61 is the invitation that marks my journey to search, to weep, to pray, for Cambodia and its people.  My heart is now burning for these lost precious ones out there.   Yet I know Father God, you are mighty to save and my heart is resting in Your faithfulness and Your promises.

In Your name. I pray. Amen.


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