Srieda Hey, 23 years old & Sokroath Bol, 17 years old

2 mothers, 2 babies.  A 17 years old with a new born.  A 23 years old with a new born.

What are their futures?  To hold the baby in their arms.  Would their love for their children be forced out of obligation?  Will hatred be among the love?  How does it feel when love mingles with hatred, when obligation mingles with disgust??

A mother and a child always capture my attention.  Especially these two never come to my sight since we came here, randomly flipping pictures of women to pray for.  Now I lift up Srieda and Sokroath into your hand, Father God.

They were tricked into prostitution.  Once the act was done on them, they can never walk back out without the scar burning hard onto themselves – self-pitiness, low self-esteem, ugliness, dirty, disposable, hurt, worthless, shame, shy, used, give up on hope, give up their bodies, souls and minds, unwilling to make progress to get better, returning to prostitution willingly due to the fact that they once being sold unwillingly.  Willingness springs out to numb the pain of being sold unwillingly. 

Father God, am I describing these right?  Is that what they are feeling now?  One is impregananted by one of her clients.  One was raped on the roadside when she was innocently picking up vegetables.

I ask the question why too?  Father God, once again, I pray that your love with clothe them tight to insulate them wtih your warmth, with your unconditional love, wrap them tight, so tight, and breathe in your air of love into their lives.

Where are their hopes when in their arms are a constant reminder of their heart-wrenching experience, a reminder of what they despise most and feel disgusted to the most. 

It reminds me the story of a girl who was gang-raped daily for 3 long months, being shackled onto the bedpost for 3 long months, naked and exposed for 3 long months .. When she finally escaped her internal body completely destroyed.  Her reproductive organs were deciminated as well she had no control over her bladder functions. Even now, the stench of semen surrounds her and she can’t get rid of it. How long O’ Lord do you tolerate this kind of dehumanization and degradation?  How can someone and anyone could contain their emotion when I (and you too) first heard of this story.  I wanted to vomit. Something inside of me needed to be expelled. The defilement I heard made me sick to the stomach. 

Father God, I asked, ” where is their hope?  From where they could find hope?”

Father God, You then answered, “Hope is found in me.  In ME ALONE!!”  All we could do is to lift them up in our prayers.  We get to know them by a few lines of brief introduction.  Yet Father, you bring them to us.  Having their faces looking out from the page.  Their eyes, their sadness grip my heart.  My emotion may now be under control but my inside is raging a roaring storm.

Father God, I want to learn how to pray for them.  I know I have hope in you, but do they know too?  If they don’t, I want to learn how to pray till they do.  To encounter you, the one true God.  I pray that they will have workers coming after them, ministering them.  A place not only give them training on a safe house for hiding their bodies from intrusion, but a true refuge, a fortress for them to gain strength and find their values in you. 

A refuge for the poor, a healer for the broken, a lover for the lonely, a father to the orphan.  Your grace to the humble, A crown to the faithful. 

Father God, I pray they will find you in all these on their own life journey, on their way to find their true release and salvation, in you, only IN YOU!

In Your name.  I pray. Amen.


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