… Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds …

May 30, Saturday, bright, sunny but very chilly morning

…6:33am to 7:03am … we woke up, we got dressed, we packed, we dashed out of the house in half an hour … (a miracle in our track record of getting ready)

7:03am to 7:55am … Paul, myself and Heather safely arrived in three different destinations without any speeding involved … Praise God!!!  

… 8:04am to 8:57am … On the car-ride to Markham, I was inspired by a father who determined to stand against all odds to speak up, to run and raise fund for the Cambodian children … 

… 9:02am to 9:24am … I greeted by all these familiar and stranger faces, my name was known with moments of being tightly hugged by many …

… 9:36 am to 10:16am … 5 of us stood around in the breakfast area started to pray.  I called  out “Abba Father”, I prayed for the girls who are yet to know who their Abba Father is, my mind rejoiced in the fact that many of them are calling out Abba Father in their prayers.  Yet there are millions out there whose lips are smothered by layers of duct tapes, limbs are shackled, wills are not of theirs but of the brothel owner’s.  I cannot finish my prayers after 20 words … 

… 10:25am to 10:32am … 11 hearts skipped 11 beats at the same split moment when one shared of what she saw last year in her Cambodian trip:  a 50 year old caucasian male, dressed in his designer’s blazer, with an initial “Dr.” written before his last name, tagged and hung on his suitcase, waiting in line at the Hong Kong International Airport.  Her mind speculated thousands of “what if?” 2 weeks later, the same “Dr.” who dressed down without his designer’s blazer walked into a bar in Phnom Penh.  In his hand was another small hand of a 10 year old Cambodian girl.  They sat down with a tequila and a coke on their table.  Anger sprang up from her throat. Boiling body temperature was mixed with a small voice speaking to her that what she was speculating in her mind 2 weeks ago at the Hong Kong International Airport was confirmed correct.

… 10:33am … She urged us to pray for the perpetrators to have the same hatred for sin the way God hates and despises sin.   (Father God, teach me how to pray this prayer!)

… 10:45am … L encouraged us that God is in the process of restoring and transforming lives.  We should not give up and should persevere in running the race, fighting the battle, speaking up for the voiceless. 

… 10:46am… sharing of a successful rescue mission of 2 young girls who were thought are being traffiked out of the city, and NOW THEY ARE FOUND!  The whole aftercare centre was dancing, singing, clapping hands, high-fiving, hugging, holding hands, singing praises to celebrate and to give thanks to our Father God for His intervention and His justice being shown … 

… 10:50am to 11:38am … stories of great turn-out of fund raising, stories of more foster parents are being recruited, stories of sisters being reunited after years of being separated by placing in different brothels … 

… 11:40am to 12:39pm … I was very inspired and encouraged by a lady who was convicting me to completely rely on His faithfulness and follow His lead for my family’s future.  I shared with her my 3 equally important burdens in my heart, she nodded her head agreeing with me that, “All 3 are equally important in the eyes of God.  Rest in His faithfulness, Jessika!”  

… 7:38pm … after half an hour of heavy rain and gusting wind, a bright bridge of rainbow came out.  I smiled at its glorious colours.  My blackberry was buzzing with a facebook comment says, “Hi Jessika, I loved talking to you, and came away so inspired and encouraged by your story. Did you see the glorious rainbow set in the clouds this evening? Gen. 9:16.” 

16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” 

… Tonight I meditated on this passage with my heart overwhelmed with joy, with my lips trembling while praying to my Father God that He is indeed faithful.  I am reminded of the entire Deuteronomy 32 passage, verse 4 stands out : 

4 He is the Rock, his works are perfect, 
       and all his ways are just. 
       A faithful God who does no wrong, 
       upright and just is he.”

I praise you for who You are, what You’ve done, Father God!

In Your name, I pray. Amen.


One response to “… Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds …

  1. I was reading this prayer letter about missionaries who are reaching out to brothel owners, in order that they would come to Christ and stop what they are doing. It just amazes me how God gives people strength to love those who are seen as ‘unlovable’.

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