Daleen Seng, 15 years old

A simple portrait.  A girl standing on her own.  What caught my eye is the frown on her forehead.  It tells of a life consists of unspeakable crimes that are done onto her and the invisible chain that is still wrapping around her.

She was raped ever since she was 13 years old.  I wonder is there anyone who actually could lead a relatively normal life without being raped and assaulted?  Someone who has her own rights to choose how her life should be and be able to maintain a certain dignity within the boundary of her own body?

We are sitting here across shelves of travel books – Florence, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, London, etc.  I wonder how far Daleen can travel to escape from her numbing pain.  I wish I could draw her face on my journal.  Her lips are pointing downwardly.  Her frown is drawing a crooked line on her forehead.  She stands there with a straightened posture with her face looking to the camera with  symmetry. 

Father God, I cannot give her a story with only a few lines of information provided here.  What I know is limited to the fact that she had been raped for so many times by a number of men.  Is that all to describe a person, is that it?  What about her personality?  What does she like to do?  What is her favourite colour?  How would she like to take her coffee or tea?   Does she even like coffee or tea?  Does she like spicy food?  What is her dream?  Does she believe in God – a God that creates heaven and earth, a God that loves us so much to sacrifice His own Son to die for us?  Does anyone ever talk to her about that?  These are the things that I want to know about Daleen.  These are the things that shape a person who has a voice, who matters in the eyes of my Father God, like the way He set His eyes on me and did not let me go when I was in my own version of a messed-up life. 

I pray that Daleen will have a chance to encounter Jesus Christ, a God, who never had a home, who was a refugee in Egypt, who got kicked around by the society, who was a blue collar worker working on hard labour, doing carpentry which is no fun dated back 2000 years ago, who eventually get chased around by the government, he was tortured, beaten and executed.  These are the things I am sure Daleen can relate to far more than we can in cozy North America. 

Father God, I pray that when she encounters you, she will discover a guy instead of assaulting her, You choose to suffer all of her sufferings for her, You choose to die for her.  When You do that, what do you offer Daleen?    You offer her citizenship of heaven, she never have that, she will have a home, a kingdom designed and made for her, she will have a father figure who would not assault her but genuinely loves her as His beloved child. 

Father God, that is what I am praying for Daleen today, that not only she will be released from the bondage that she is in, not only limited to her physical body getting healed, emotionally getting comforted, but from head to toe and inside out, she will be able to experience your healing transforming power. 

In your name. I pray.  Amen.

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