… why give generously … “the context”

I pray that the following will give you a in-depth look of what is the issue and what is and who are truly at stake and that your hearts will be stirred.


The Khmer Rouge revolution and subsequent Vietnamese invasion of the 1970’s left Cambodian society in tatters. There were few social, family and moral structures left standing and along with this vacuum came profound poverty. Under these circumstances, desperate parents, unable to feed their children will sometimes sell one child and use the money to care for the rest. In a culture already numbed by violence and with no real legal system in place, such children are unprotected and subject to terrible abuse and over time, this sad situation has become accepted by society. An environment where children are bought and sold, where no limits are placed on the degree of abuse and where few legal restraints exist will attract and encourage the very worst forms of human behavior. In more recent years, the AIDS epidemic has added to the disaster. Children are now left orphaned and are sold by neighbours, friends, police officers and distant family members. Those seeking “safe sex” pursue younger and younger girls who are felt to be less diseased. Cambodian folklore teaches that an AIDS infected man can be cured by having sex with a young, “clean” virgin. The implications of such thinking are absolutely devastating. The situation is now well known world wide and so scores of international pedophiles fly into Cambodia to wreak their havoc and add to the suffering. Brothels are now commonplace, young women and girls as young as five years of age are held captive to be abused daily. Many corrupt police and officials turn a blind eye.


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