… why give generously … “the hope”


Slowly but surely, efforts are being made to rescue children from the brothels, with skilled Christian organizations leading this dangerous work. But it has become clear that one of the biggest problems resulting from such rescues is what to do with the rescued kids. There are no social services to plug them into; many do not remember their families and some of those that do know of their families know that if returned they may be resold. They are traumatized, physically injured, disoriented and sadly, many feel totally dependant on and have become ‘bonded’ with those pimps that so abused them. Some have been sold across the border from Vietnam and so are considered stateless. Such children have no concept of compassion, trust, belonging or identity. What does one do with such children?

This is a difficult situation to tackle.  The NewSong project is to take the form of a rehabilitation center for between 40 to 60 little girls who have been rescued. The compound will be a ‘safe house’ in a secluded and undisclosed location with great attention being paid to the security of the kids. They will undergo an intensive two-year trauma counseling program with physical and psychological rehabilitation. This will be followed by placement with carefully chosen orphanages and/or, if possible, trained foster families. The program will also include teaching them to be children again. They will have toys and games and school and for many of them it will be the first time experiencing these things. Over the two years, they will be taught to trust their adult caregivers and this is no small thing as they have absolutely no concept of trusting any adults. These children have experienced the very worst in adult males that the world has to offer. My hope is that through this process they will also encounter a Carpenter of years ago who would never abuse them but would (and did) sacrifice his life to protect them. It is this totally trustworthy Father Figure I long for them to meet.


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