… electric shocks & drugs? …

* To ensure the privacy of survivors, “Nary’s story” is a compilation of survivor stories and not the story of one particular individual.

“After the death of Nary’s mother, she was left to live with her father. She was only 11 years old when she was first raped by her cousin. It wasn’t too long before she was raped by her father as well. Nary decided to run away and try living with her aunt in a neighboring province. Nary asked the bus driver to take her to the province where her aunt lived. But instead of taking her to the city, the bus driver took her to a brothel, and sold her to the brothel owner. She was only 13.

The brothel owners treated Nary very badly. They beat her, forced her to watch pornography, punished her with electric shocks and inject her with drugs when she didn’t do what they demanded . Some days she was forced to see up to ten men. Some days she would pass out from the drugs during sex. Nary was terrified, confused and upset when she was rescued from the brothel. She had become convinced that her only future was working in the brothel. She had no formal schooling, and didn’t know how to read. What else could she do?

It took Nary several months to get used to living in a foster home. Today, she goes to public school and proudly wears her school uniform. Though she still suffers from high anxiety, sleeplessness and fear, she has begun to develop a sense of hope for the future.

Unfortunately, Nary’s story is not uncommon.”


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