… the blind can see …

(5 days in Svay Pak – Tuesday – will have to be delayed due to a string of incidents happened which had just been reported by the Ratanak mission team).

A day spent in Cambodia can be awe-strucking when you are sent by God to be His hands and feet, when you know the Holy Spirit is leading you to go there for truckloads of reasons.  Miracle, name a miracle you prayed to God, He will allow it to be done right before your eyes and also on a set of eyes which have not been used to see, a set of eyes that are belonged to a girl who is blind from birth.  Her name is Savoom.

The team asked Savoom whether she wants to see.  Of course, who does not??

The team started to pray over her, to put oil on her eyes.  45 minutes, 50 minutes, the clock kept tick-tocking away.  More praying, in fact, more praying in a faith that could move mountains, she could see a big necklace worn on a lady’s neck.

More praying, more singing, the clock again kept tick-tocking away, she could see past the team and see the flowers around them.  She could count how many team members are there sitting around her.

Jesus was giving sight to the blind on Saturday, July 25, at a place where His works is shown and shone through and through.

What did I do on my Saturday, July 25, on the land that I stand, with a faith that I boast?  I am praying to God to calm my overwhelming emotions.  Cleanse my heart, search my thoughts, and lead me in the way everlasting.


2 responses to “… the blind can see …

  1. thank you for the reminder not to box God in, that our God is bigger than we can ever even try to imagine or think.

    hallelujah for His restoring sight to the blind!

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