… Go! In Jesus’ name! …

A group of 2- 8 year olds kid are terribly afraid of ghosts.  People in Cambodia are very into ancestoral worship and always scared of their dead families would come to haunt them.  They also encounter demons every day.  They see them in the faces of the men who rape them, and in the actions of their parents who get drunk and beat them, in the cloak of fear that envelops their village. 

Imagine you were about to teach this group of 2-8 years old about Satan on Sunday at Rahab’s House, the former brothel (now a community centre/church in Svay Pak) is an echo chamber (it is always loud and echo-y).  The Sunday school teacher, named A.M., had to project her voice very hard to be heard against even the smallest noise. If 5 or 6 kids are talking, it sounds like 100.  To find a way to make it easier to get the kids’ attention and be heard, she and the team developed a system of discipline, ie. writing the kids’ names on the white board behind her if they don’t stop talking and listen. 3 strikes, no snack. 4 strikes, and they have to leave for the rest of the day but get to come back and try again the next time. These kids are very hungry, so after 1 strike they usually pull it together so they don’t miss snack!

A.M. was up in front of all the children, acting out how Jesus gives us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the evil one.  She was excited and full of energy that day (who doesn’t when one was talking about that joy, the source of the joy not only coming from the destruction of Satan, but their salvation which is the cause for such deepest joy – Luke 10).  

Things were going well, and then the room suddenly got louder, and louDER, and LOUDER.  She found herself shouting just to be heard above the din. She looked out over the crowd, marker in hand, to see who was talking so she could write their names on the board.  NO ONE was talking. Every kid was sitting, looking at her and listening, with their lips pressed together. Only a couple of babies were babbling, SO where does this roar coming from?  There was a roar in the room, a roar of voices.  Next in her heart, she knew it was the voices of demons filling that place.  She believes that Satan and all his forces came out in mass to stop her from speaking the TRUTH to these precious ones. The worst thing that could happen to the demons in Svay Pak is that God’s children learn to fight against them!!!

The translator brought up the same and told A.M. “I looked out over the room to see who was talking and to write their names on the board, and no one was talking.”  A.M. was losing her voice up there, and it was only God Himself who kept her from giving up and sitting down. She kept teaching and shouting, and finally got to the part where she taught the kids how to do what Jesus did and say, “GO!” Despite the distraction of all those voices, despite how hard the enemy was trying to stop them, about 65 children stood and at the top of their lungs began shouting, “GO, in Jesus’ name!”

The room was in pitch silence.  The demons went!!   What choice did they have against God’s little army?

2 days later, it was another teacher’s turn to teach, and she started off doing a recap of what was taught. Again the exact same thing happened again!  She started talking about Satan, and the same strange roar filled the room.  Then immediately 15 kids jumped up and ran out to see why some babies were crying at the door! She could hardly even get the words out, but she tried and shouted again, “What do you do when you are scared? What do you do when you feel fear of evil?”  A precious 10 year old jumped up and said, “GO!  in Jesus’ name!”

Across the room, there is a girl, named R, 11 years old.  A.M. looked and saw this little one has trouble walking, she has trouble sitting, she has trouble standing, she constantly re-adjusting her dress.  She had obvious problems in her vaginal area.  One obvious signs that was taught to look for when a girl has just been sold.  R is 11 years old. 

I pray for R right now that she knows how to say, “Go! in Jesus’ name!”  that she needs to know that she does not fight her battle in life alone.  She needs to know that God has given her weapons and that He alone empowers her to use them.  I invite you all to pray for these girls (whose names and faces I cannot provide you), yet I ask you to pray, to come and fight this war with us for the children in Svay Pak.  There is hope in their lives, there is a future in their lives.  There is Jesus in their lives.  Come and fight this  battle on behalf of these innocence, fight on behalf of justice.  Your prayers are like arrows that shoot right into the heart of rape, destruction, abuse and evil.  Ther powerful weapons in Ephesians 6:10-20 are given to us to help the harrassed and helpless, those like sheep without shepherd.  R is one of the sheep.  Those 65 kids are amongst those sheep too. 

In Jesus’ name. I pray. Amen.


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