… how old are they? …


Cambodia Sex Slaves (source: Agape International Missions) A UNICEF survey of females trapped in sexual slavery in Cambodia found there to be 55,000 young women and girls involved, with 35% being girls under the age of 16.  These children are trapped and held as slaves to a life of exploitation, abuse and brutality, a life without hope.

How old are these 2 girls?  It’s not my first time looking at this photograph and gives me chill on the spine. This photograph was taken in a village just outside of Phnom Penh in May 2008.  The pain and despair in the faces of these young girls is an image that can be seen throughout the country. I wonder who took this photograph? 

Lens of focus and stale gazes; lighting and despair; shutter speed and heat; aperture and tears; flash and horror; depth of field and of fear.  Father God, I pray that when my fear and faith collide one day on a land of strange and despair, the pairs of all the above will come into shape and form and bring you all the glory you deserve in all that I am now preparing myself for. 

As N.T. Wright wrote, “Future is a set of signposts pointing into a mist.  Signposts don’t normally provide you with advance photographs of what you will find at the end of the road, but that doesn’t mean they are not pointing in the right direction.  They are telling you the truth, a particular sort of truth, that can be told about the future.”  It summarizes what I see now.  Every dail I turn with my camera, every button I press to set the aperture and shutter speed, every turn of the focal length to let in the right amount of light for the composition, speak to me, “Frame it.  Box it.  Square it. Click it.”  Father God, I wonder would the stillness before I press the shutter be taking me to a new journey?  I wonder would the photographs I will be taking on a land of strange and disaster be speaking to someone about the truth which may not be visible in advance as a stand-alone photograph, yet pointing a particular truth, that can be told about the future?  Father God, I wonder all these in my mind.  I am waiting for Your answer.


One response to “… how old are they? …

  1. With all the signposts He is placing before you, He will answer your prayers for sure! Get your skills ready and polished and He will use them mightily when you don’t think He would!

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