… complacency will stay in a vacuum …

“My complacency will stay in a vacuum” and I determine to let it die. These 7 words have no room of air to keep one fibre of my complacency alive.    Silence is not an option now that we know there are children being sold at this very moment.  I shall not guard my heart to feel the pain and suffering, I shall not refuse to look into the despair on their faces, I shall not close my ears and tune out the unbearable weepings.  I shall not mute in silence. 

Father God, we come before you today with our physical and mindful intention to listen to you.  3 hours ago, I prayed to you to give me Your Words to convict and sustain me as we ADVOCATE on our knees for a name after another name.  I am not satisfied with someone’s regurgitation of the passage in Matthew 21:43.  The Holy Spirit scraped and erased and gave me new insights.    I return to Isaiah 55 – one of my favourites, especially 55:3-4, it stresses the call for a response by faith: give ear, come to me, and hear me – “so that “you may live.”  Further it explains the convenant promise is based on God’s “faithful love promised to David”.  No matter what the appearance of circumstances – exile, death of kings, oppression, delay – the covenant promises made to David would be fulfilled.

In 55:10-11.  the Word of the LORD is effectual.  The affirmation that God’s Word does not return to Him empty or void.  What He says will be accomplished because His Word is the expression of His powerful will.  No Word from God is vain, untrustworthy, or given to deceive; nothing God plans to do can be interrupted or set aside by humans.  His Words will prosper. 

55:10 provides an earthly simile using the rain that comes down, waters the earth to produce fruit, and returns to heaven having fulfilled its purpose.  So is the Word of God.  Not a Word from God will be wasted or ineffective.   The LORD declares, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” 

If we believe this, how different we would be living?  As with Israel, we would pray more earnestly for that which He has promised, and we would act more confidently, trusting in Him to do His work through us.  Skepticism, pessimism, resignation, complacency, unbelief – all these would be taken captive and banished from our minds. 

Isaiah 55 is a call for people to receive freely God’s gracious provision of (spiritual and physical) blessing, the promise of the fulfillment of the covenant program, the attracting of nations to the faith, the explanation of the incomprehensible nature of God, and the affirmation of the efficacious nature of His Word of promise. Because God’s Word is sure, people can receive abundant blessings by trusting His marvelous plan to fulfill the covenant promises.

For Israel it meant a call to faith to those professing believers who were unsure and hesitant—much like the call that Jesus made to the disciples who followed Him but were weak in faith, often unsure, somewhat skeptical. It took the resurrection to show that no matter what happens, God can do what He said He will do. The remnant of Israel must turn from such evil and respond to God’s call to return to the land and be part of the covenant program. The inspiration for this renewal of faith irons a stamp on my heart that how must I be aware of the ways of God and the Word of God that I must trust His Word and discover His plan.  That what He has started He will finish.  That the seed he sowed, He will make it bud and flourish.  

Father God, at the end of the day, it is Your sovereignty that I shall humbly come before.   In Your name, I pray.  Amen!


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