… How Great is Your Faithfulness …

SN is safe, she is officially safe.  The last 27 days had not been easy, 27 days later, I am crumbly humbled in my Father God’s presence.  All I want to do is to sing at the top of my lungs.  Paul and I already have millions of ideas in mind to celebrate God’s faithfulness, to praise Him with songs.  Lift up our eyes, lift up our eyes to the Giver of Life.  Who, O Lord, could save themselves, their own soul could heal?  Our shame was deeper than the sea.  Your grace is deeper still.  You alone can rescue.  You alone can save.  You alone can lift us from the grave.  You came down to find us, led us out of death.  To You Alone belongs the highest praise!

I am too happy to write anything in details as my heart just wants to sing this song to praise Him, for He is indeed faithful.  For His promises stay true and remain unchanged when He invites us to humble ourselves and pray, He will listen, He will answer, He will deliver, He will save, He will incline His ears to listen to our cries and our prayers.  Father God, nothing indeed is too hard for you to accomplish.  I thank you for letting us to see this glimpse of Your glory and  power and might.  You are so faithful, what more can I say than this but to stay in awe and remain speechless and go face down in your presence.  I love you Father God!  Today I will continue to praise You and everything that is in today are for Your glory and Your name alone!   In Your Son’s name, I pray.  Amen!

How Great Is Your Faithfulness – Matt Redman
“Now unto the King who reigns over all
And never changes or turns
Unfailing justice, unfading grace
Whose promises remain
Yes, your promises remain
The heavens ring
The saints all sing
“Great is Your faithfulness”
From age to age
We will proclaim
“Great is Your faithfulness
How great is Your faithfulness.”
Everything changes, but You stay the same
Your word and kingdom endure
We lean on the promise of all that You are
And trust forevermore
We will trust forevermore
From generation to generation
You never fail us, O God
Yesterday and today and tomorrow
Until the day You return. “

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