… there she is …

A photograph speaks. Then it punches holes, it leaves colours, it smears emotions, it raises voices, it blinds sight, it holds motion, it embraces space.  I am for the longest time owned by this skip of distortion.  I am for the longest time carrying it around for the past 5 Sundays.  This very photograph, in its smallest resolution with visible noises, invites me on a journey to search for the heart of this little girl.  For hers has started the knitting process with mine. 
When L told me last Friday, “It’s her!”.  It is her 2 years ago in that photograph.  There SHE is!  I immediately called Paul and whispered this news (How I wanted to yell out loud at the top of my lungs – IT’S HER, IT’S REALY HER!!).  I cannot believe my eyes either.  Is it really her 2 years ago?  With her face smiling to me every morning when I get up, the same face smiling to me every night when I lie down, the same face whose life dictates which word shall I utter on my lips when I plead before the Creator of heaven and earth on her behalf, whose life inspires which passage in the Scripture shall I read to sustain myself in this ministry.  There She is!  I praise God for letting me brushing off my shoe dust at that door frame.  I praise God for allowing me to trace her face one more time with His heartbeat pounding onto mine with these 3 words, “There SHE is!” 
Father God, I know you heard all my cries and tears, my prayers and questions, my emotions wrestling and turning within my frame. You heard them all and answered me with these very 3 words.  I find rest in You, I do now.  I finally do now! 

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