… Brea Yesu …

My heart go uncomfortably numb by the first half of the paragraph, it then goes rejoicing for Jesus is very much alive and well in the heart of Svay Pak.  It was written by one of the vision team members. 

“After lunch we headed out to Rahab’s House in the heart of Svay Pak. This is for the most part an ethnic minority area of around 3,000 inhabitants living in largely squalid conditions. This is also the place where paedophiles come to prey on children who are offered for sale – children often young enough to be still in kindergarten. As we pulled up and clambered out of our somewhat full vehicle the sound of singing permeated through the air – the voices of children singing praises to God. In the midst of this absolute darkness the light is shining. Touring round Rahabs’ House I stumble upon a small room about 6 feet square painted in a garish pink. This room is a reminder to the dark past of this place – it is what can perhaps best be described as a rape cell. You see Rahab’s House was once a notorious brothel offering children for sale. This cubicle was one of many which are now destroyed. In their place is a centre where the community can seek medical care and where the children can find safety for a small part of their life. On a Sunday over 170 people meet in this place for church. Jesus is alive and very well indeed in the midst of Svay Pak. At the closing of the singing I accompanied Pastor Chanta (who has lived here only four months) on a tour of the village. First we meet a woman who was one of the largest suppliers of kids to western paedophiles – indeed selling her own children at one stage. Now she is deeply converted and works alongside the church community to remove this blight. If that was not enough, we now go and meet the village fortune teller. Four months ago he suffered a stroke which paralysed him – adding to his already poor health. Pastor Chanta started to visit him and after three months this man – the equivalent of the village witch doctor – accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour. To add to that he was totally healed. Like I said – Brea Yesu (Jesus) is very much alive and well here.”

Let my words be few here but to retrieve myself to hang onto the hope on my Lord God:

“Sovereign God,
Your cause, not my own, engages my heart,
and I appeal to you with greatest freedom
to set up your kingdom in every place where Satan reigns;

I adore you that you are God
and long that others should know it, feel it and rejoice in it.
Let sinners be brought to you for your dear name’s sake!
Lord, use me as you will, do with me what you will;
but, O, promote your cause,
let your kingdom come,
let your blessed interest be advanced in this world!”





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