… a red building …

My heart is soft whenever I mouth the sounds of the name “SN” on my lips.  My lips quiver whenever her face dashes to mind when I hold Heather’s face in my palms.  My eyes moist whenever I receive emails from the Ratanak team.  One of a month old brought that heavy heartbreaking news that I just wanted to rip my life apart to mourn to my Father God and cried “Why?  Really, why??”  Yet one of a day old brought that joyous shouting-out-loud-praising-God-non-stopped emotion that I did want to rip my life apart again but to SING, to DANCE, to CLAP.  Last night was one of that SING-DANCE-CLAP moment that I can hardly calm myself down.

Can you imagine that a 4 storey red building with large and long windows of 2 stories high on the upper floors was originally built as the biggest “sex hotel” in Svay Pak where pedophiles could come live, rape and assault children to please their disgusted desires?

Can you imagine this very buidling which was about 80% completed yet with constant raids and surveillances, now the brothel owners find it too risky to continue on their “rape for profit” business?

Can you imagine this very building is only 4 doors up from Rahab’s House?

Can you imagine that Ratanak has been given the opportunity to purchase this very premise to complete it and make it into a school, a medical center, and a church even?

Can you imagine that if all go well, this could even be Ratanak’s own Christian school for all the  munchkins in the community?

Can you imagine the largest brothel becoming a sanctuary in which congregations can sing praises to our Creator of heaven and earth, in which they can study the Word of God?

Can you imagine Rahab’s House and this “red building” are all standing tall and strong in the name of Jesus on Svay Pak’s main street?  Brian M (the founder of Ratanak Foundation) wrote this in his email , “we would end up owning a chunk of Hell and claiming it for Heaven – serious goose bumps!”  Yes, serious goose bumps are all standing tall and strong too on my arms all because no words can use to describe this huge favour showering from our Lord God that His eyes have not turned away ever from His children.

I am inviting all of you who are reading till here to just stop and praise God on our behalf, to acknowledge Him that He is a Living God, to rejoice in the fact that the Gospel we follow is a Gospel which changes lives, to glorify Him that we are serving a God who is making people whole – no matter what their status in society or social standing may be, to bring Him honour and praise that the Gospel He invited us to live out in our lives is now being lived and applied in a very practical manner and the fruit of that work is evident for all to see.

I am inviting you all to think twice or thrice what are you doing right now to live out the Gospel to reach out to the least of the least in our neighbourhood or probably God is also calling you to think twice or thrice for these munchkins in Svay Pak who yearn tobe held and looked with eyes of compassion.  Probably all you are asked to do is to offer hugs of kind, safe and appropriate.

One of the team members wrote the following and I am convicted by her words, “I am convicted by my own inaction – and the inaction of God’s people to rise up and say “NO MORE”. I am convicted that soul genocide is happening to the weakest and most vulnerable sectors of our global society. We are not doing enough.”


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