… keep in mind …

I came across the following written by a friend who has seen the reality of Satan reigning and ruling in Svay Pak, a friend who has faced head-on with such reality, yet decided to turn his heart and faith towards our faithful and powerful God instead.  It brings me assurance that I ought to stand firm, let nothing move me.  Always give myself fully to the work of the Lord, because I know that my labour in the Lord in not in vain. 

Keep in mind that somewhere God has a quarry and at the quarry, he is hewing out millstones.  And God has a sea.  And God has a plan.  “But who shall cause one of these little ones that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone shoudl be hanged about his neck and that he should be sunk in the depths of the sea.” – Matthew 18:6

Apostle Paul said in Romans 1:18, “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of human beings who suppress the truth by their wickedness” – that ‘s such a good news for children in Svay Pak.

May those who would harm the children in Svay Pak be like Pharoah and the frogs.  May they find the wrath of God everywhere they turn – in their houses, in their beds, in their ovens, in their kneading troughs.  May they find the wrath of God when they stand up and when they lie down, when they eat and when they sleep, when they travel and when they stop for rest.

May they never be free from the wrath of God until … until … until … until they turn from harming the children of Svay Pak.



One response to “… keep in mind …

  1. amen!

    have you heard of the CD from Sovereign Grace Ministries called “Valley of Vision”? the songwriters have taken the Puritan prayers from the Valley of Vision book & turned them into music & lyrics!

    particularly, the song “Let Your Kingdom Come” is (i believe) based on the prayer that you posted a couple times on your blog (& which has impacted me so much that i’ve recopied it & put it up on my bulletin board at my desk) ! if you haven’t heard it before, i’d like to share it with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkKCb6Bmi6o


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