… Siem Reap …

That little boy who sat there on the floor, naked.  His feet and toes are covered by blackened callouses, and of course, dirts.  How long ago has he had a shower?  He looks very dirty.  He and his mother live in Siem Reap. Oh Siem Reap, it’s not the first time I come across this place.  After watching the movie “Holly“, the name of the province sounds more familiar than just two words in a foreign language on my tongue.  It’s a place where …   

Siem Reap — I am learning how to pronounce it probably.  I am learning it by watching the movie.

Siem Reap — again, why these two words sound so familar??  I remember now!  It’s a province located in northwest of Cambodia where SN was originally scheduled to be sold to.  Father God, her face once again pops right before my eyes, again and again.  I start to feel like home when my mind lingers around her.  Her face lit up when Lisa took a picture of her.  She was smiling though her eyes were looking away, but she was smiling.    

Siem Reap — a place where IJM is now seeking out to expand their impact by placing more offices and workers, most of all, by their love and actions. 

All these random thoughts have been shooting across my mind and especially about this very place – its sound and its smell comes so strong these days.  Father God, whatever that is, I am waiting and listening to you!  Speak, for your servant is listening!


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