Sarith Vanh, Siem Reap, Roka Village

Sarith Vanh is her name.  Her gaze captivates me and again she is from where my thought was hoping.  God flipped open this page and there she is.  Instead of spending too long of a time to look at the photograph, I’d rather to start my prayer right away.  Though my eyes yet to adjust what I am looking at right now, I know Father God, You, already knew her from inside out.  What You called Paul and I to do right here is to pray for Your precious children!  Here we are, finding a corner to settle ourselves, amongst the kids section with bright colours and playful themes bursting around us.  Holding Sarith Vanh’s photograph in the midst of our surrounding give me too much of an uneasiness. 

Father God, I find no limit in digging out how much more would I be feeling for all these young girls.  Inevitably, the fire is flamingly hot though my mind is also getting distracted by the physical demands too.  My tiredness as of late takes away my attention and my length of time to pray for the girls.  Yet Father God, Your power and Your invitation always beckon me to return.  I now return afreshed and anewed as I abide in Your Promises and Your Words.

Sarith Vanh is from an extremely poor family.  I pray that whatever she is learning at AFESIP will give her an option in the future.  I pray that she would come to know you through the actions of anyone with a dislocated heart that moves and aches for all these girls who are now either at risk to be sold, or already been sold for numerous times.  It’s that LOVE that compells them to follow God’s leading and guiding to be involved in Your gift of ministry!

Father God, how repetitive our prayers go, your heart for your children will still be the same.  What we learnt from the last 3 weeks compells more actions.  We have the assurance that when you come again, you will destroy all sin and evil.  Sarith Vanh will not be fear for her and her family’s future.  All of us will be under your brilliant and glorious light of your splendor and glory.  No more girls and boys be assaulted to satisfy the perpetrator of evil.  Father God, what you are doing inside my heart now is not only a reflection of who I am made to be and what I shall be doing, but a reflection of how much you love your children.  Children who now lives in Svay Pak.  Unborn babies who are now in the wombs of their mothers waiting for their time to come out.  They are alike, and they are all yours, Father God.  I am convicted so very much that all these children mean something more than only a number of statistics.  You invite me to love them with a very dislocated heart every time I open my arms and embrace my own child.  Father God, it’s Your invitation.  You are working slowly within me like a mustard seed.  It’s very much hidden and invisible.  Yet it’s working its way to something unknown yet marvelous.  Father God, I pray that you will continue to work inside of my heart as the mustard seed is starting to hold the soil tight down deep into the earth.  All I yearn to do is to respond to You!  Father God, open my heart for your cause, let it burn, burn, burn!! 

In Your Name, I pray!  Amen!


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