… “stitches” are here …

After Fedex’s 2 attempts of ringing our door bells and still to no avail of reaching us, we made the last attempt to go and pick up the “stitches”.  The box sat on our foyer.  I was in so much shock and joy!  (Wish I took a picture of the box before I ripped it opened!)  Tablerunners, tea towels, placements, messenger bags, apron were stuffed in this little box.  I forgot about who I am when I opened the box as I plunged my nose smelling into the garments freshly brought from Cambodia.  I surveyed the seams and stitches.  All I could see were the hands of the girls who pushed it through the sewing machine.  In another a week and a half, more people will be able to touch and see them and I am praying to God that they are coming not only for the sake of celebrating with us Heather’s birthday, but also turning their gazes onto something that is as dear and precious as Heather in our lives. 

Holding onto each of these linens, I forgot all about how my physical body has been demanding out of me.  I forgot all my tiredness and exhaustion I experienced as of late.  My attention is of one focus which thrillingly energizes me out of nowhere.  Looking into a future when I do not even know when will I be sent by God to stand on that very soil, yet I am confident in my Lord Christ Jesus that what He is now planting in my heart, the task He is assigning me to faithfully focus on, will reap harvest.  Be it 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, till the very last breath of my life, I commit myself to serve You, Lord, to witness with my eyes Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


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