… whose weakness was turned to strength …

This type of suffering is the type that no one would choose to pay attention to.  Yet I am reminded that though we have that priviledge to change the channel or turn our eyes away, God doesn’t have that priviledge but He ought to face this grimsome reality day in and day out, witnessing His children being manipulated in the hands of satan.  That is exactly what we are called to do to speak up, to arouse people’s attention.  This past weekend was full of events that I not only spent a solid 3 hours session with the core people, praying and interceding for the children.  I was energized immensely only to be around them, listening to their prayers, how they plead and advocate on our knees before our Almighty God for these precious boys and girls whose bodies are traumatized, yet the blood of Jesus washed theirs with the balm of healing .

I again have the priviledge to listen to different stories, probably one story for more than 20 times.  Indeed each of these stories are reminders that the oppressed and the brokenhearted will continue to call us out of our comfortable apathy and indifference, just as Christ himself calls us to set aside all that entangles and follow after Him.  As I get involved with Ratanak, God impressed upon my heart that I shall start to make tangible plans to really really work out my salvation with fear and tremling.  One to be  called to be His follower, to deny ourselves, take up the cross and follow Him.  Yesterday I cried at various moments.  I cried for there are bitter and sweet moments intertwined.  I cried for in my heart the poor and the downcast are so in need of hope and justice; and what Lisa was sharing with the class is exactly what we commit ourselves to do – to speak up for those who cannot speak.  What on earth there will be a chance that Mien can tell her story in front of a 30 people sunday school classs.  Through Lisa’s sharing, through the faithfulness of God, they heard the story.  Some were moved into tears.  Some came forward for questions.  Some took the brochures and DVD documentaries.  Some wanted to learn more by asking for relevant books to read.  Mien is only one.  There are so many more who need mercy, who need love, who need to know that someone cares, who need to know that they matter and they need our time.  God convicted me that what are the tangible steps I shall take to invest my time and monies onto the lives of the girls.  By gaining a glimpse of their darkness, by sitting across from the photograph we hold with our hands, I become more keenly aware of the words that Henri Nouwen once penned: In these suffering bodies of people we must be able to recognize the suffering Christ. They too are chosen, blessed, broken and given to the world. As we call one another to respond to the cries of these people and work together for justice and peace, we are caring for Christ, who suffered and died for the salvation of our world.” In each one of them we not only see Jesus in disguise, but it is the poor and needy who teach us how to love Christ even more. In the cup of cold water delivered to the least of these, He is there among us demonstrating that His power indeed is made perfect in weakness.
Father God, nothing, nothing and nothing shall go above, ahead and beyond what is in your heart.   I commit to follow you and walk on the path you paved before me despite any circumstances.  I shall trust in You, for You are sovereign and mighty in power to save and deliver.  I ask that You use me to the utmost in situations where I thought I could not survive and deliver.  For my life is in Your hands.  For You are the potter, I am Your clay. 

Your Words flourish my soul with this, ‘because we believed in the One whom God has sent, we like the saints of past, who through faith conquered kingdoms, adminstered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.;  – Hebrews 11: 33-34


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