… “Precious” to Jesus …


About 5 yrs ago her mother died in childbirth. Since then she and 2 younger brothers have been living with their father and his mother, her grandma.  A month or so ago, Precious was raped by her father. I suspect it was not a onetime thing since this kind of behavior is common when a wife dies. She told a school friend, who told her teacher, who told the principle, who told the authorities. The police questioned Precious and then questioned her father. This is Cambodia eh – what they did is give him electric shocks and said he better say what his daughter said. He admitted what he had done. At first he was saying, no he did not rape her, just lay on top of her…… Wanna bet? Anyway he was arrested and is awaiting sentencing. During this time if money is paid he may be released. Pray this will not happen.

Now this poor child, having already faced the death of her mother, is faced with living in a village where everyone points a finger at the girl who was raped by her father. Worse yet, her relatives are mad at her for getting her father into trouble.

Fortunately, a human rights counseling service is involved and will help her. They do not have a residence program though so Place of Rescue has been asked to take her. She was brought here by her grandma the other day but was terrified and absolutely refused to stay. We had to let her go back to her village. The counselor said that would be best and they would work with her for a few months. Also Sokhan, director of Rescue, will go to see her often and hopefully she will decide to come without being forced. As she sat on the grass here with tears streaming down her cheeks and her eyes filled with terror and panic, crying out “I am going home. I am not staying here!!” I thought of what happens to these kids when they are sold. She would have been beaten and drugged. Instead I got her some cute clothes, a doll and a teddy bear and said, “Here, take these home with you. This is a place of rescue. We won’t force you to stay but if you come we will love you and give you a good future.” At that moment she was not yet ready to hear that but please pray that the Holy Spirit will call her here This week when we were briefed by one of the organizations that care for the little children who have been trafficked one comment leapt out at me. It was this: when a child is once raped she is considered already broken so she may as well be sold.

Another thing during those briefings that was so strong in my spirit is this: Only Jesus can solve the problems. If that sounds trite it is because it is so completely true. We are in a battle. For now, we will win one child at a time but I believe that the day will soon come when the Lord is going to cause the release of hundreds, thousands even. Oh may that day come soon!!

Place of Rescue is not really into rescuing kids that have been sold; we are an orphanage and our main target group is kids whose parents have died of AIDS. The thing that reveals the awful extent of this problem is the fact that in spite of that, we are getting some children who have been touched by this monstrous evil.

It is very interesting to me that the day after Precious came here and left again, we had a visit from three RCMP officers who have just been here training the Cambodian police in how to handle the issues involved in the child sex trade. They will take the info about this case and they will contact the highest authorities here and ask them to be sure this case gets handled right. It will be presented as a chance to practice what they have just been taught and they will personally follow up on it. Wow, this little girl sure is Precious to Jesus!


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