… Carpenter King …

As I move from page to page, I am steeping my mind into not only the languages in and of themselves, but the pictorial scenary. 

The room, the smell, the heat, the sweats – I can sniff them under my nose, so close to my reach and be touched. 

Father God, what have you done to me to make me go back to where I once was after years of feeling disowned.  You are digging the well to reveal to me, digging the well of my past of being abused, so now I can be healed.

Starting from tomorrow, 9am, we are going to be trained, equipped, waiting to be sent, praying with like-minded people onto a journey from here to there, or vice versa.  I long to be embraced with limbs wrapping around my torso in the midst of the heat and smell, of their smiles in broken teeth, of their eyes of hopelessness overridden by His joy.  

I am meeting my Carpenter King right here and right now.  He is so glorious, I turn blind, I fall face down.


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