… the quiet, the soft and the slow …

Watching the quiet, soft, and slow snow fall this morning.  Listening to Audrey Assad’s voicing out the similar lyrics,

 “You came like a winter snow, quiet, soft and slow, falling from the sky in the night to the earth below.” 

The peace of quietness, the touch of softness, the silence of slowness fill the air of crispy wind this morning yet fuel one’s heart with such an intense flame embarking onto the month of March.  It is as it sounds, a marching band kind of March, marching towards my one long journey of obedience with His vision blinding my visibility.  

I have literally 3 weeks to prepare for my opportune first arrival.  A glimpse?  A taste?  A touch?  A dip?  A slide?  A fall?  Whatever I may see this as my first which guarantees sending myself an affirmation of being whom I have been praying to become.  When my will succumbs to my utter blindness enwrapped by His utter brightness, I open up my eyes, and I find myself standing in the middle of a broad tree-lined boulevard of His plan mapped out at the front.  I thought one of the time-consuming task is what I shall focus on.  Whilst I am still holding a grip of this very ground where my feet stand, He lavishly troops another flood of tidal waves onto my may.  I am overflown by the speed in which I have not catelogued the inventory into labelled aisles.  I am gasping for air, for a split second of breathing air, afloating with my head and nose amidst waves and waves of His grace as the water covers the sea.

Looking out to the window, the same quiet, soft and slow, falling from the sky in the night to the earth below, where I am, where I stand, where I lift up my hands, praise Your Holy name.


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