… 3 weeks and 18 slides later …

“… I have literally 3 weeks to prepare for my opportune first arrival.  A glimpse?  A taste?  A touch?  A dip?  A slide?  A fall? 

… When my will succumbs to my utter blindness enwrapped by His utter brightness, I open up my eyes, and I find myself standing in the middle of a broad tree-lined boulevard of His plan mapped out at the front.  

… Whilst I am still holding a grip of this very ground where my feet stand, He lavishly troops another flood of tidal waves onto my may.  I am overflown by the speed in which I have not catelogued the inventory into labelled aisles.  I am gasping for air, for a split second of breathing air, afloating with my head and nose amidst waves and waves of His grace as the water covers the sea.” – written on Feb 26, 2010

3 weeks later here I am contemplating what I had gone through, with 18 finalized slides, jam-packing with information without breathing pauses for the listeners.  I myself was exhilarated to deliver the same 18 slides, in 34 minutes, of how my throat was first being gripped to choking death and also of how the same very throat was finally  being released from a narrow pipe into a broad main road, all by the grace of God.

There are numbers and figures I should put emphasis on.  There are scenarios I should let them set on the listeners’ minds.  There are photographs I should let them throning the screen for another 5 seconds.  There are faces I should grip tight with my eyes when I mentioned that very story that changed my life ever since.  There are so many nitty gritty details which I should have known and could have paid more attention (Thanks to all the honest feedbacks and comments from Paul, my ever supporting husband, whose eyes did not leave me for a split second when I was standing up there speaking, he was only 3 feet away from me, listening attentively as if it was his first time listening to the 18 slides-story).

The easefulness of standing up there took me by surprise.  The power of the Holy Spirit took me over and flew me to a land I have not even had a chance to go and see for myself, yet I knew this does not happen randomly but a calling I am chosen to respond.  He placed me there with His knowing and assurance that what were written in front of me was not coming from me, but from Him.  All I was required to do is to volumize my voice with steadiness and assertiveness.  The message He spoke to me after spending much time meditating on those 14 verses came out the same on the 18 slides.  The message delivered from my lips, heard by the others, sounded even more convicting to my ears than ever before.  I wonder why?  Well, I have been missing out way too much all through my Christian walk, neglecting to do what is the most required and the most imminent.       

Now, the first day after the 18 slides, what is next that He has in store for me?


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