… 2 hours? …

“Why would you take a job that 199 other people could do when there is so much work Jesus is calling us to that nobody is doing?”  – “Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle” by Kent Annan

As I am still trying to digest what is this question trying to challenge me, I am bombed by what was reported by Mission Team 2 (from Forward Baptist Church of Cambridge, Ontario).  They just arrived Svay Pak, Cambodia last week, not only getting down on their hands and feet to finish off the painting of the Sanctuary, but also to experience what God has started in this very village. 

“They saw a group of police officers buzzling on the street and later found out that a 9 year old Vietnamese girl was raped for 2 hours by a 45 year old Cambodian.  She was in very bad shape physically.  Pastor Chantha (who is the pastor of Rahab’s House) was afraid she would die.  One team leader and himself met this little girl at the hospital to where a neighbour had taken her but the hospital couldn’t help her. It took five tries at various hospitals/clinics with each examination and concluded that they couldn’t help.  They drove around on a Tuk-Tuk with this little girl, the neighbour and her father in rush hour traffic holding up the I.V.  Finally, the 5th hospital took her in, but it would take them 3 days before they could even do anything for her injuries.

The rape happened five days ago. Only today did a neighbour notice something was wrong. She is being treated now with antibiotics, she has the measles too. There is talk of this man having HIV.  He is in prison at present. The little girl didn’t speak the whole time while the team member was there.”

After reading this, God pushed our hearts to the floor and said, “what are you doing here?”  I was knocked out of wind so Paul and I started to pray over g-chat.  We have no fancy words as there is an urgency that this little girl needs healing, not only medical intervention, but also God’s divine healing that only He could perform and restore.  This little girl has endured such hideous crime for 5 long days and now her story comes to our attention.  What else can we do but to get down on our knees to pray and advocate and plead for her before the Holy One, the only Just Judge?  Paul typed out this line, “let Your will be done on Cambodia as it is in heaven”.  What more can I add on to this but to say Amen to that?

After much and much of what we tasted God’s gracious kindness and favours in the past few weeks, it puts an anchor on my heart that even how many victorious moments we come to experience and how many favours God has graciously showered upon us to taste, there are still millions out there who face such unthinkable and secretive sin being forced to any human being.  It reminded myself and Paul that what we were called to respond 14 months ago, it is …

… not about our radical choice to serve a country we know not, … not about our broken hearts and dripping tears, … not about a sentimental issue that involves human lives, … not about our instinctive love for children, … not about righting the wrong, … not about the “how-to” walk our Christian journey, … not even about being an obedient Child of God …

because all the above are our calculated, intentional compassion being worked up in response to His calling, however, I have come to know that God is far higher, above and beyond all these and what He desires for us really has nothing to do with all of the above.   There is so much more than that and my mind has to accustom to all the sudden twist and turn He desires for me to change and to accommodate and always be ready when He calls.   Now I don’t see this very readiness in me, Father God, please come and mend my heart!


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