… to obey is better than sacrifice …

“Oh Lord”, I agonized, “please accept the sacrifice I am making for You in sending my precious children away again.”  Gently I heard His voice to my heart.  “It isn’t really like that, is it?”  He seemed to ask.  “It isn’t that you have decided to make some kind of offering and so you are sacrificing your children to Me.  Isn’t this rather just a part of what is required by your overall obedience to My will?”  I was overwhelmed by His answer, “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams. 1 Sam 15:22”

“Journey to Joy, Marie Ens

God always blesses obedience!  I am reminded by how Abraham sacrificed his only son, Isaac.  It wasn’t about the sacrifice in and of itself, rather it was Abraham’s act of obedience that God honoured and blessed.  I am in the crossroad at the moment in such test of obedience my Lord God requires of me.  I agonize loudly and annoyingly about my hideous and pitiful “sacrifice” and haggle with my Lord God, “That’s what I am doing for you, Lord, what are you blessing me now?”  

He demands all my obedience, yet He blesses even more in return.  I have proof of what He has done in my life, the way He blesses is in thousand-folds, is in awestriking manner, is in minute-little-insignificant trivias, is in gigantic-huge-life-changing milestones. 

He blesses me while I was going through the painful agony of burying my father. 

He blesses me while our church body is going through the shattering of sweet fellowship. 

He blesses me while my heart is soaked in dismay while one sweet ratanak is at the verge of being taken away again. 

He blesses me while I am heartachedly offended by a twisted assumption about willing prostitution. 

He blesses me while my body is giving little room to His fearful and wonderful creation, my mind is also giving room to engage with a country I have known of only on written words and verbal sharings. 

Today I hold tight of all His blessings in my closed fists, one day I shall remember to hold lose of them in opened hands.


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