… all nooks and crooks …

The significancy of this very last leg of speaking opportunity in front of approx. 15 to 20 people about the pain endured and also hope offered in Svay Pak, Cambodia speaks volume to me.    I am humbled by my Lord God’s presence in my life especially when all I could offer is all that I am and all that I am asking is for Him to use me to the utmost despite all attention from all directions are eyeing towards my growing belly and its estimated time of arrival.  How come all things are viewed and measured towards that very day?  Yet my sole attention, from the very beginning, is how much more I could do to speak when I am already fighting for huffs of breath and how much more I could continue when a pudgy little baby will be craddling in my arms.  Father God, show me how and all nooks and crooks are Yours. 

At the same time, I am being ministered by these giants of faith every first Saturday of the month.  Listening to a middle-aged man weeping in his choked out voice saying, “Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, please, please, Lord Jesus.”  There are no fancy words that weigh the same ounces and pounds of his yearning for “His kingdom come, His will be done on earth”. 

I could barely carried my share of prayer when I prayed through Psalm 46 for all the little ones, named and unnamed, young and old, my heart was shaken with that fear and awe I have for my Lord God, also was consumed by a lagoon of peace and joy when His comfort pouring out by these few words, “be still, and know that I am God”. 

What more the little ones need to understand theology and doctrine when this powerful assurance raining down from heaven to be their rescue when they are being brutalized.   He promises that bow will be broken, spear will be shattered, shields will be burnt with fire, wars will be ceased to the ends of the earth, earth will be given away,  mountains will be fallen into the heart of the sea —– when all else are given away, God is within her, she will not fall.  What a contrast of invisible reality! 

Father God, let Your will and Your words take over all nooks and crooks inside of me, Lord Jesus, please, Lord Jesus, please, Lord Jesus, please!

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