… my hero …

“In the midst of the wind and the waves, the circumstances which are terrifying and which we cannot control, Jesus strides. As He walks, the wind still blows and the waves still churn – the circumstances have not changed. Yet He walks *on* them. He is their Master. He is sovereign. We don’t always recognize Him. We cry out in terror, thinking He is a ghost – mistaking Him, seeing Him as part of the terrifying circumstances, still feeling abandoned and alone. And in the midst of the storm, He says to us: “Take courage. It is I. Don’t be afraid.” And yet the wind still blows and the waves still churn. Somehow, it is only when He climbs into the boat with us – when we have recognized Him, heard and heeded His voice, and invited and welcomed Him into our boat – only then does the wind die down.

Preah Yesu, help us hear and heed Your voice today, while the wind still blows and the waves still churn, while children are robbed of their innocence and tourists come with evil intent. “Take courage,” You tell us. “It is I,” You remind us. “Don’t be afraid,” You encourage us. Preah Yesu, we are grateful that You come out to us in the middle of the storm, that You stand in the very heart of the storm, that You stand *on* the storm. We long desperately for the wind to die down, for the storm to be over.

Lord, we confess we don’t understand Your timing. We don’t understand why You don’t climb into the boat right now, and end this long and weary storm in which so many children are sacrificed to the enemy’s ends. But Lord, we say we recognize You in the middle of the storm. We say we will not believe the lie that You are only a ghost, either powerless over the storm or part of it. We see You walking *on* the water. And we do take courage and we refuse to be afraid. It is You, Lord. It is You.”

On this very day, I only want to lift up my heros into Your hands, Father God, Pastor Chanta and his wife.  He is in the devil’s play ground but he is standing firm on the promises of God despite the challenges of the visible reality. He is one of my heroes here on the frontline, literally seeking justice on behalf of the oppressed and giving a voice to their plight and representing Christ in bodily form as both the kids and their families see him as a man of peace, a man who they can trust, who they know is safe to share all their sufferings, who is their advocate and who has their best interest at heart. He is a man who is offering hope to those in this community who desperately need to know that someone cares about them. Please pray for him, that God will use him mightily and that the same spirit that resided in king David will reside in Pastor Chantha for each day he is coming face to face with Goliath. There is no let up in this war. The battle indeed is God’s but it is long and it can be weary for those whom He has called to take a stand against injustice.


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