… 5 minutes to 5 years

They say it takes 5 minutes to take a girl out of a brothel, and it takes 5 years to save their lives and reintegrate them back into society. This is why the after-care of these women and children is so important.

This is also why I am committed prayerfully and financially to support the rehabilitation program when one (of course it could be any one of the million) is being rescued.  As it’s no easy step-by-step journey, it takes long term commitment from both sides to walk through it from start to finish.  It depicts running a race, be it a 2K, 5K, 10K, a half marathon, or a full marathon.

This is also why the idea of walking the 5K with my family sprung up.

This is also why the number “5” means something so special this year.

5 Years Old : Heather is turning 5 this October.

5K : We will be walking a 5K in the coming September.

$500 : We are hoping to raise $500 if not more by participating the 5K as a family.

$500+ a month : We are hoping to donate $500 to fund a girl’s one month rehabilitation program , named “NewSong Project” which Ratanak Foundation is funding.  That’s nearly how much it cost for only a month for only one.  $600 is the needed amount.

Spare Change : We still start from asking people for spare change (I am sure everyone has some in their jeans pockets, kitchen counters, junk drawers, or even paper clip holders).

Won’t say “NO” : We will not say “No” to whoever wants to donate more than only their spare change.  $10, $20, $50, or even a cheque in an amount you are moved to give are very welcomed.

Divine Purpose & Promise: We want to take this opportunity to teach a soon-to-be 5 year old, Heather, that her being created by Her Maker, has a divine purpose and is full of His promises.

A 5 year old can do it too: We want to teach Heather that she could do something tangible too within her capability to help children in Cambodia.

All it takes is 5 minutes to rescue one girl, it takes at least 5 years to rehabilitate her.  A 5 year old is certainly capable to choose from walking, skipping, running, hopping, sitting on dad’s shoulders, walking or running some more to finish a 5 kilometres walk, from Exhibition Place to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto on a Sunday morning in September 26, 2010.

That is also a way for the 4 of us to worship our Lord God through walking together and foregoing sitting on the pews in our air-conditioned church building.   Through this, we are hoping to raise $500 as a kick-start and prayerfully we would like to do this every year to commemorate Heather’s birthday.

Please join in and partner with us to teach Heather this valuable life lesson through which she may experience in her  own journey that her life is not only evolving around her, that her world is so much bigger than her school and church, her best friend, Louise, her Dora Explorer and Curious George, that there is a Father in heaven, who knitted her in her mother’s womb, who loves her more than her mami and dadee could ever do.

Most of all, please support us to support the children in need in Cambodia. Thank you!!


One response to “… 5 minutes to 5 years

  1. I’ve started amassing my spare change already! Your walk gives new meaning to the phrase “spare change” – every coin can be dedicated to helping spare a girl’s life.

    Much love and many blessings,
    Linda Ruth

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