… what we are about to do …

As we anticipate our 5K walk this Sunday, not only with the spare change and cheques upon cheques of donations we so far received, but also with our prayers lifted up every day asking for protection.  I realize that we are not only raising money for exploited young women  and children in Cambodia, but we are also raising a generation (which is our children) to understand the suffering world in which they live in.

We met up with our Ratanak core group last Saturday.  Somewhere along the line I think Paul shared something with the group.  The following is what we received as a huge wave of encouragement as we still walk in blindfold of going about with ways of involving our children in this ministry yet not to overtly expose them with too much grotesque details of the horrific world of child sex slavery.  I thought I would share that email here to encourage whoever is in as much blindfold as we are right now.

“Paul, you said something on Saturday about probably having to carry both of your daughters for a good portion of the race.  I believe there is something symbolic in this.  A book I read in the summer about a Pastor in China who suffered a terrible life of prison and persecution for his faith mentioned a saying that really convicted me.

He said in the West ‘we ask God to remove or take away our loads.’  In China he said ‘they ask God to give them stronger backs to carry their loads.

As men, we are guilty.  You and I may not be guilty of the crimes these men are committing but our brothers, co workers, friends are the reason for the demand in Cambodia.  I believe that God allows us men sometimes to carry the girls loads for a short period of time.  In my last Marathon I  was told by a lady that she felt there is a carrying these girls’ loads a distance that brings them closer to their spiritual freedom and she felt God had allowed this to happen for me.

My prayer for you Paul is that God blesses you with this; that you may have to carry both your daughters for a long period.  That your back, your shoulders, your legs may all scream out but that you will know that this pain is temporary and serves two fold:

1.  to give you a higher appreciation for the girls in Cambodia’s pain and suffering and gives you a new depth and breadth  of intercessory prayer.

2. this symbolic act of carrying two young, beautiful, and innocent girls in your arms towards a finish line is exactly what Jesus is doing in a realm we cannot see.”

As one said before,  ‘We are in a battle.  For now, we will win one child at a time but I believe that the day will come soon when the Lord is going to cause the release of hundreds, thousands even.’

That’s what we are going to do this Sunday.  We are not merely aiming to walk to the finish line together.  We are not merely to teach a 5 year old a deeper value of celebrating her birthday by sharing what she already has with those who don’t have any.

We are actually grasping the opportunity by wearing the girls’ voices on our T-shirts. “Not Forgotten – Child Sex Slaves” Red and Bold across our shoulders.

I pray that there will be curious crowd asking us questions.  I pray that I will have enough information sheets to share with interested people as we walk and engage in conversations.  I pray for people who will be moved after listening to the cause we are raising money for.  It is not any ordinary cause.  It is an extraordinary issue a majority of the world choose not to hear and to learn about, let alone choose to get involved and burden their hearts with.   I pray that we shall not focus on how much we have raised, but to hold dearly in our hearts the money we raised are for hundreds and thousands of young women, girls and boys who are trapped hopelessly in the spider web of human trafficking network. I pray that however big or small our effort is to us is going to make a difference in their lives.  I pray that we will always remember THEY ARE WORTH IT!

In your precious Son’s name, I pray!  Amen!


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